Are patterns available in carpet flooring?

Are patterns available in carpet flooring?

If you're looking for patterned floors, carpeting could be a great choice. These visuals are trending right now and could match your decor very well.

Various patterns can affect your home's aesthetic, so picking with care is a good idea. Here are some options to get you started as you start your remodel.

Geometric pattern trends

This trend is reminiscent of Moroccan trellises and Arabesque tile options. They feature bold designs, colors, and prominent shapes and lines.

Even in wall-to-wall products, more creative patterns are popping up, to great popularity. So it's a good idea to keep your eye on this floor covering choice.

Florals are no longer vintage

Bold floral designs are better than ever and create a trend with many homeowners. There are still bright color options, but you'll see recent trends with muted tones.

Neutral options blend well with any decor, with options you might not have considered. Be sure to view them all as you shop.

Don't overlook animal print patterns

Many homeowners avoid animal print because it seems dated. But you might find they are a fantastic way to spice up any space.

Consider zebra, cheetah, and giraffe print in various colors and other carpeting options. You'll even enjoy how they hide dirt and debris, especially in busy areas.

We have the patterned flooring you'll love

Migala Rug & Tile knows that your flooring remodel means a lot to you, so it means as much to us. So we'll come alongside you to ensure patterns you fall in love with.

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