Is tile flooring a good choice over radiant heat?

Tile flooring is an excellent product to install over your radiant heating system, but it's generally a fantastic floor covering overall. Not only does it provide a superb lifespan that can give you more than 50 years of service, but it offers a beautiful array of colors, formats, and installation options that help create the look and feel you want for any room. It's a perfect décor match for all décor schemes, so take some time to consider your options.

Tile flooring can make all the difference

When you install porcelain or ceramic tiles over radiant heating, you'll find the heat distribution to be outstanding. Even in usually drafty and cold areas, you'll find this underfoot comfort to be a welcomed addition. It’s particularly beneficial in children’s rooms, especially on little feet and knees, to provide a safer, more comfortable atmosphere. While warmth is one thing, you might find the addition of a few aptly placed area rugs to be a great advantage in addition to radiant heating. The softness of the area rug pairs wonderfully with the warmth, giving you unrivaled comfort, especially in bedrooms and living areas. They also add an extra layer to your décor, so you get multiple benefits from a single product. The installation process for tile is longer than for floorings like laminate or luxury vinyl flooring. That's because these materials require exact measurements and cutting to get the perfect look and feel. They also need time to dry the adhesive and grouting, so you never have to worry about tiles shifting while you walk on them. If you have questions about your installation, be sure to visit us today.

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