Flooring installation


Flooring installation done right

Flooring installation is one of the most important choices a homeowner has to make. Whether you are having floors put into a brand new home, or you’re doing a remodel, the work has to be right. That’s where Migala Rug & Tile comes into play for you. We have installers who are not only highly trained, they are also certified installation specialists. Our job is to provide you with flooring installation that is stress-free and professional. And we’ve been doing just that since 1912! During your flooring installation, we will take up your old floor and replace it with your all new flooring choice. The best part? We have the work finished before you even realize it.

Carpet installation

Installing carpet isn’t a DIY endeavor - it’s best to rely on the experience and knowledge of professionals who you can trust. Before your flooring installation expert arrives, there are a few things you’ll need to do.

  • Be sure to remove any items that are breakable from the room. Accidents can happen anytime.
  • Remove all wiring from all electronics in the room, preferably storing them elsewhere until the installation is over.
  • Clear the tops of furniture such as tables, bookshelves, dressers, and desktops. Also, make sure the floor of any closets are clear.
  • Take all bed linens off to be stored elsewhere. This includes, blankets, bedspreads, sheets, and mattress covers.
  • Vacuum the old carpet so airborne debris will be kept to a minimum.

Be aware of the fact that flooring installation can only occur over a sound subfloor. Any damage should be repaired prior to installation.



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Hardwood floor installation

The installation of hardwood flooring is also best left to professionals. There are a number of “beginner” mistakes that can be made that will eventually ruin your floor. For instance, if a gap is not left around the wall, the flooring can warp. This happens when the hardwood expands and contracts, depending on the temperature and humidity. You can avoid this all together by utilizing our hardwood flooring installation professionals. Each different type of hardwood flooring needs to be installed to specific specifications. Allow us to do the job right the first time for you, as your satisfaction is our first priority.

Laminate installation

There are a variety of laminate flooring choices available. While many of the options can utilize glue or some other kind of fastener, there are also other options available. For example, the patented INSTACLIC glueless installation system, allows for flooring pieces to snap together easily. Since this system works on all four sides of the panel, they’re always securely fastened.
Flooring installation in Saint Joseph, MI from Migala Rug & Tile

Tile & stone installation

Tile and stone are great for just about any surface that is nice and sturdy, but it helps to do a bit of prep work. Try to make sure all surfaces are smooth, clean, and dry. If there are areas that are damaged or not even, repair those prior to installation. The surface also needs to be free of soap scum, grease, wax, or any other substance that would cause problems with adherence.

Anything that could interfere with the laying of the tile should be removed. This can include trim pieces, molding, or appliances. Double check your door jambs to make sure the tiles will fit underneath.

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