Cleanliness is an essential part of ensuring that your floors reach their intended lifespan, especially with luxury vinyl flooring. But can you steam clean these surfaces?

That’s the question we’re going to dive into today, so follow along for more information.

Cleaning luxury vinyl flooring is easy

While the maintenance schedule for luxury vinyl plank flooring is quick and easy under normal circumstances, we must advise that you never attempt to steam clean these surfaces. Many of these products are entirely impervious to water, but the accompanying heat can cause problems with this material.

The best way to clean vinyl plank (LVP) and vinyl tile (LVT flooring) are to begin by sweeping or vacuuming up any loose dirt or debris and then following that with a damp mop. If you need to use a commercial cleaner, be sure to use one recommended by the manufacturer or give us a call to find out what is available to you.

To keep cleaning to a minimum, be sure to use runners and area rugs when you can, especially in high traffic areas like foyers, hallways, children’s rooms, and kitchens. These pieces collect and trap much of the debris and messes that might otherwise wind up on your luxury vinyl flooring.

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