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Our “area” of expertise: area rugs

If you’ve ever considered purchasing area rugs for your home, then you’re aware of how appealing they are, in a variety of ways.

Not only are there thousands of styles and patterns to choose from, but you can’t beat their value.

At Migala Rug & Tile, we offer a wide assortment of area rugs that will match your design and color preferences. Nevertheless, we have a team of rug designers who are always working to create even more new looks to entice you with.

Why choose area rugs

If you’re looking for a more affordable option that installing wall-to-wall carpeting, you may want to consider area rugs for your home.

Area rugs are not only less expensive, but they give you the ability to change the style in your room as often as you’d like.

If you enjoy low-key home updates in a DIY manner, area rugs are a simple solution. Move them from room to room, put them in different places to acquire a particular feel, or change them out with the seasons - whatever works best for you.

Here are a few more enticing reasons to consider an area rug for your space:

  • Less Noise: Carpet, even in small amounts, can really change the acoustics of any room. It’s quieter to walk on and it takes in sound from the air as well. This is particularly beneficial if you have hardwood floors throughout your home.

  • Extra Comfort: There’s no doubt about it – area rugs are more comfortable to walk on than hardwood or laminate flooring. Even if you already have carpet in your room, an area rug immediately adds another layer of comfort for walking.Not only is it pleasing to the touch, but it can also actually be beneficial to the health of your joints.
Modern area rugs in Saint Joseph MI from Migala Rug & Tile
  • Warm and Insulating: If you have hard flooring in your home, this is a benefit you will immediately notice. No more walking across a cold floor in the mornings or during the winter. This is an especially good option for basements. Adding area rugs can even help you save money on heating expenses.

  • Protect Carpet: If you have light colored carpet, you’re probably concerned about high traffic areas. An area rug can protect those areas by keeping the traffic from making direct contact with the carpet, which will extend the life of your current carpet.

  • Versatility: You can redesign an entire room in a short time with area rugs and bring them with you if you move. Normally, when you leave a home, any upgrades you did have to stay there. With area rugs, this is not the case. Just roll them up and take them with you!

At Migala Rug & Tile, we would love to show you the large selection of area rugs that we carry. Come check out our showroom in Saint Joseph, Michigan.

To learn more about the beautiful flooring that we carry, visit Migala Rug & Tile in St. Joseph here where we proudly service the areas of Benton Harbor, New Buffalo, South Haven, and Sister Lakes.

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